Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
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Profile Search Tips

The following tips can help you use the Profile Search to find a Physician Profile.

You may search by one or more of the following criteria: last name, last name and first name, city, Illinois county, specialty certification, or hospital affiliation.

Searches Are Not Case Sensitive

A search for smith or SMITH or Smith will return the same results.

Can't Find a Physician or No Search Results

Click Clear to remove your search criteria. Try entering only the first few letters of the Physician's last name

Enter Only the First Few Letters

You may enter only the first few letters of last name, first name or city when searching.
A search entry of City: chi will find Physician's who have listed an office location in Chicago.
A search of Last Name: mar will return a list of Physicians named Martin, Martinez And Mariano.

Too Many Results

Try entering more letters of the last name or first initial or enter more criteria to narrow the search.

Find Physicians at a Particular Hospital

Select an Illinois Hospital from the list provided to find Physicians who have current privileges at that hospital.

Find Physicians in a Particular Medical Specialty

Select a medical specialty from the list provided to find Physicians who have current Board Certification in that particular medical specialty.